Our service

HundeDogs may be brought along as long as you have dog excrement bags with you (obtainable at entrance). The dog must be kept on a leash and not leave the paths. mmm
WickelraumThere are three baby-care rooms on the premises.
WCYou’ll find four WC-facilities on the grounds. Three of them are adapted to the needs of the disabled.
BarrierefreiPeople in wheelchairs are welcome to visit us. We have taken their special needs into consideration in all areas of the park.
NichtraucherSmoking is prohibited in and on the funfair rides as well as in queues.
ParkenAt Freizeitpark Lochmühle you will have no trouble parking. And parking is free. The park provides more than 1.200 parking spaces, which can also be used by big busses.
BahnYou can also reach us in eco-friendly ways: The park has got its own RMV stop. (The trip to Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof /Main Station takes about 45 minutes.)
Lochmühle Playground Building Site