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Animal glossary

Our animals: Cheek by jowl with chicken and pony

Look forward, together with your children, to the pets’ corner, in which you can experience the animals at close range. Animal food can be bought at the entrance and at the cash desk near the pond. No brought-in food may be fed to our animals!

In our animal gallery you can make a virtual journey of discovery on our indigenous animal species.


Lat.: Sciurus vulgaris

Squirrels can be found in every wooded region of Europe and Asia. They prefer conifer trees as living spaces, but also live in large park grounds with deciduous trees.

The bottom side of their belly is always white, the tail always longer than the whole body. It serves as a balancing pole especially when risky jumps are ventured. Special hairs on the head, the flanks of the body and on the legs are sensors the squirrel uses to feel the distance from branches. Climbing downwards, the squirrel holds on to the tree with its sharp claws. On the ground, however, it moves around cautiously, always reconnoitering danger with its neck straight. In case of excitement it utters loud “tjoock tjoock tjoock” sounds and drumms with its forefeet.