About us

Lochmühle Owner

Freizeitpark Lochmühle has been an extraordinary and popular attraction in the Rhein-Main area for more than 50 years.

The park grounds, which have, in the meantime, grown to 16 hectares, attract visitors from all over Germany and offer ample possibilities of retreat, even at peak times.

As a former corn mill with an agricultural enterprise the Lochmühle consciously dissociates from the large, high-tech parks. Instead of offering a few huge attractions with – often – long waiting queues, we count on variety and diversity in a rural environment.

Here children can enjoy themselves with about 120 fun rides and playground toys. They can frolic on meadows, play with indigenous animals in the pets’ corner or, with a bit of luck, even watch little chicks hatch. The possibility to have picnics or barbecues in groups of various sizes rounds off our range of offers.

Experiencing nature, seeking contact with animals, being allowed to frolic around, being together with one’s family and spending time together with people you like: This exciting mixture of offers, combined with a wide range of personal experience are greatly appreciated by school classes, playschools and families.

Lochmühle Chick incubator