Day Tickets (admission per person):

Our single day admission fee is all-inclusive: pay once and ride as often as you like!
EC-/Master-/Visa-Card only at the entrance available (not in the park!)

Visitors (up to 100 cm) (measured wearing their shoes) Free entry!
Visitors (100 cm and taller) (children & adults) € 20.00
Visitors older than 65 € 15.00
Disabled people (certif. Germ. “GdB” scale  70 or higher € 15.00
Disabled people (certif. Germ. “GdB” scale  100 or higher Free entry!
Person accompanying visitor with scale 70 or higher  (pass registrated) € 15.00
Dog admission fee (incl. dog toilet) €   1.00
Annual ticket (100 cm and taller) € 95.00

Order voucher

School classes and playschool groups
(Fees for 15+ paying visitors):

Fees are only valid Monday-Friday (except holidays), with proof of school, playschool or daycare centre enrollment.

Group reductions can further only be granted:

1. after previously online registration (form ‘Registration for Schools and Playschools‘ to be made at latest two days prior to visit.

2. The group leader has to pay the total amount for all tickets. The group has to enter the park together.

School classes (full time until 8th grade/ daycare centre groups per child € 13,00
Person in charge with school and playschool classes, daycare centre and disabled groups € 13,00
Playschool groups per child (from 5 payers) € 10,00
Disabled groups (from 5 payers) € 10,00

With school classes teachers are granted free entry in a 1:10 ratio. (This applies also for playschools, children’s homes, daycare center and nursery schools). With disabled groups person in charge is garanteded freee entry in a 1:5 ratio.

Registration for Schools and Playschools

Group tickets (Fees for groups of 20+ paying visitors):

Group admissions can only be approved by the following way:

  1. Reduced group admissions are open only to groups of formal organizations, such as sport clubs, day care centers, schools, kindergarten, nursing homes etc. We can’t extend group admissions to private groups and gatherings of equal size with the exception of children birthday parties (see point 4)
  2. Please provide a formal document as prove of the organization and register the group in our online group registration form two days ahead of your visit.
  3. Group leaders must pay all tickets at once and the group has to enter the park as a whole all at once, group leaders then enter for free.
  4. Children birthday parties and gatherings as mentioned in bullet point 1 need to register as a group, present a formal document and must take place the day of the child’s birthday or 7 days after the original birthday date. This offer extends to children’s birthday of at least 10 paid ticket guest and only up to the age of 12 years.
20 paying visitors (100 cm and more) € 18,00

Group registration

Travelling by train:

Deutsche Bahn

Take S-Bahn 5 from Frankfurt to Friedrichsdorf. Change at Friedrichsdorf to Taunusbahn heading for Brandoberndorf. Get off at Saalburg/Lochmühle. (We have our own RMV stop at the park.)


Be smart and save: Every visitor using the RMV to come to our park und producing a day ticket valid for the day (Zone 51), will only be charged  the rate of € 17.50.

Railway Schedule